Salem United Methodist Church

The Salem Adult Choir

The Salem Adult Choir

Salem's adult choir is an integral part of Sunday morning worship.  It provides
service music each week as well as a prepared anthem coordinated with the
theme of the service and in our worship style.  The choir also presents Christmas musicals,
Easter musicals, and other seasonal projects such as the patriotic musical
"Sweet Land of Liberty" which we performed in the summer of 2002.  The choir
warmly welcomes all singers 13 years of age or older and encourage
you to join us in praising God through song.  We meet every Wednesday night
(except June - August) from 7:30pm to 8:30pm in the Church Sanctuary.

Gloria Wilkins, Organist & CEO
Brittany Lewis, Director
Debra Scott, Instrument Coordinator
JoAnn Shoemaker, Music Librarian
Frank Henry, Audio Coordinator
Claire Holland & Collin Wright, Sound Technicians

Choir Robes

Lauren Abell
Suzanne Henry Don Gury
Pastor Brian Albert
Victoria Coulthard
Norma Howard Frank Henry Doug Gifford
Sandy Gifford Sue Johnston
Dave Johnston
Dave MacQueen
JoEllen Gladding Debra Scott George Leonard John F. Scott
Brittany Lewis JoAnn Shoemaker John R. Scott
Corrine Wall Jeanette Smolinski

Denease Walter

Martha Webb