Salem United Methodist Church

The Church Council

The Church Council

          The Church Council is the agency responsible for planning the total program of the local church for all persons by developing specific goals, emphases, and plans for the church, and then administrating and implementing those plans for the Church.  It's purpose is to provide a program of nurture, outreach, and witness in the local church and for its administration.
          As the programming heart of the local church, the Church Council sets goals and determines settings for ministry in which the gospel may speak to experiences of persons of various ages with similar persistent life concerns and with varying individual needs.
          Salem has undergone a change in structure to be in compliance with the new Book of Discipline.  The Council on ministries and the Administrative Board have been combined to form the Church Council.  Paragraph 252.1 of The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church 2004 states: “The Church council shall provide for planning and implementing a program of nurture, outreach, witness, and resources in the local church.  It shall also provide for the administration of its organizational and temporal life.”  In short the Church Council is the decision making body for the local congregation; all other committees function under the Council’s guidance and oversight.
In all of its planning, the Council will keep in mind the objective of the church.
     ...that all persons be aware of and grow in their understanding of God, especially of his redeeming love as revealed in Jesus Christ, and that they respond in faith and love-to the end that they may know who they are and what their human situation means, increasingly identify themselves as sons of God and members in the Christian community, live in the spirit of God in every relationship, fulfill their common discipleship in the world, and abide in the Christian hope.
The Church Council Meets the Third Monday of Every Other Month.

Members of the Church Council (2018):

Term Ends
Ron Taylor
Recording Secretary
Susan Shumaker
Chair, Finance Committee
Jean Taylor
NOW Coordinators
Sidney Evans

Corrine Wall
Chair, Lay Leadership
Pastor Brian Albert
Chair, Staff-Parish Relations Committee
Denise Walter
Chair, Trustees
Fred Holland 2018
Debbie Guy N/A
Assistant Treasurer
Sarah Guy
Lay Leader

Lay Member to Annual Conference
Barbara Browning N/A
Choir Representative
John R. Scott
UMW President (Elected by UMW)
Diane Burton
Church Historian
Coleen Mister
Young Adult Representative

Dan Redden 2018