Salem United Methodist Church

Nurture Committee

Education, Worship, Christian Formation, Member Care, Small Groups, & Stewardship

Nurture Committee

          The Nurture Committee shall give attention to, but not be limited to, education, worship, Christian formation, membership care, small groups and stewardship.  Attention must be given to the needs of individuals and families of all ages.  Nurturing congregations place heavy emphasis on Worship, Christian education, and fellowship.  Much of the program and ministry is dedicated to existing audiences.

2018 Members

Sidney Evans

Corrine Wall
Members-at-Large: Susan Frostrom

Kathie Herrick

Ron Taylor

Peggy Pilchard

Diane Burton
Sunday School Coordinator:
Class Leaders: Christian Fellowship Class: Barbara Browning

LIFT Class: Diane Burton

Pre-K: Meredith Parlett

Elementary: Lori Holland & Tracy Wright

The Teens: Janet Schultz & Jeanette Smolinski
Acolytes: Jean Taylor
Bereavement: Barbara Browning
Prayer Chain: Audrey Leonard
Sanctuary Committee: Barbara Browning

Jean Taylor

JoAnn Camden

Flora Brittingham

JoEllen Gladding
Pulpit Assistants Coordinator: Audrey Leonard
Acolytes Coordinator: Jean Taylor
Greeters Coordinator: Molly Wright
Ushers Coordinator: Ron Taylor
Nursery Coordinators: Lori Holland

Christa Taylor
Communion: Nancy Flynn

Donna Parsons
Dutch Cradle Crosses:
Loraine Dorman
Chris Purdy
Member Visitation:
Barbara Browning