Salem United Methodist Church

Outreach Committee

Local & Larger Community Ministries of Compassion, Justice & Advocacy

Outreach Committee

           The Outreach Committee shall give attention to local and larger community ministries of compassion, justice and advocacy.  These ministries include church and society, global ministries, higher education and campus ministries, health and welfare, Christian unity, and inter-religious concerns, Religion and race, and the status and role of women.  Outreaching congregations focus on missions, Christian service, and haling or care-giving ministries.  Much of the program and ministry of the church is dedicated to external audiences.

2018 Members

Sidney Evans

Corrine Wall
Members at Large: Susan Frostrom

Kathie Herrick

Ron Taylor

Peggy Pilchard

Diane Burton
Salem Opportunity Shop:
Barbara Browning & Ann Price
Memorial Fund:
Nancy Flynn
Safe Sanctuaries Coordinator:

Lay Speakers:
Barbara Browning*
George Leonard

Jim Nickol

Kathryn Redden*

Janet Schultz*
Coleen Mister
Worship Team: Gloria Wilkins

Debbie Scott

Janet Schultz

George Leonard

Kathryn Redden

Barbara Browning

Pastor Brian Albert
Counters: JoEllen Gladding

Jean Taylor

Ron Taylor

Peggy Pilchard

Donna Parsons

Wayne Parsons

Susan Shumaker

Jeanette Smolinski

Martha Smith

Kay Cowger

Bobby Cowger

Sheila Lee
Jesus & Me Children's Time:
Norma Howard
Graduate Brunch:
Sidney Evans & Barbara Browning
College Shoe Box:
Lori Holland
Birthday Bingo:
Norma Howard
Easter Breakfast:

The Reservation:

Middle School Graduates:
Vacation Bible School:
Miranda Holland
Church Picnic: