Salem United Methodist Church

Shoebox Ministry

Shoebox Ministry

Lori Holland

For many years CAMPUS MINISTRIES was a "line item" on our list of church ministries. 
Several years ago we decided to kick it up a notch and determined that if Hallmark
could have shoe box greetings so could we.  Therefore, the shoe box ministry
for our college students was born.  We mail these boxes out in late February - after
they have returned to school after the holidays with their families to
give them a little lift and encouragement.

A shoe box with each and every one of these college students names on it is made
available for adoption.  It is our fervent prayer that if you adopt a shoe box that you
will have fun putting thought and care into filling it - you may have selected a student
that you know very well and can make your shoe box very personal or you may have a
shoe box for a student that you do not know as well and this is a great opportunity for
you to get to know them or their family much better.  It is our hope that if we maintain
contact with our youth that they will remember that and return to our church when they
are home as well as after college when they are starting families of their own.  Salem United
Methodist Church is a family, please take this opportunity to reach out to our college
students and have some fun in the process.  There is something exciting and
uplifting about getting mail (that is not a bill) that just lets you know that
someone has you in their thoughts and prayers.

The college shoe boxes will be available on or about late January
and will be due back on or about late February/early March.

Each year we mail shoe boxes to the college students that are apart of our church
family.  These shoe boxes are filled with items that they may not have available to them or
necessities like school supplies, stamps or quarters for laundry or even just little things
that you find that you think would be nice to receive if you were away from home and on a
shoestring budget.  The gathering and mailing of these shoe boxes has proven to be the
challenging part over the years.  Please call the church office with the addresses for these
young people so that we have up to date and accurate information.  We certainly do not
want the boxes not to be received.  It is very important that all boxes be here at that time
since anyone who took the time to include baked goods would like them to arrive fresh.

Thank you for the time, effort and love that you show our college students!

P.S. Please send the web address of this page or the corresponding newsletter
to someone in college to keep them up to date and encourage them to send us their address! :)