Salem United Methodist Church

Staff-Parish Relations Committee

Staff-Parish Relations Committee

Per the Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church (2008 Edition) the SPRC duties include:
(1) To encourage and support the pastor, staff, and their families.
(2) Promote unity in the churches.
(3) To confer with and counsel the staff on the matters pertaining to the effectiveness of ministry.
(4) To confer with the staff on matters pertaining to priorities and use of gifts.
(5)  Evaluate the pastor and staff annually.
(6) Communicate and interpret to the congregation the nature and function of ministry.
(7) To develop job descriptions for all staff members (except the senior pastor).
(8) To consult with the staff on matters of continuing education.
(9) To enlist and recommend candidates for lay-ministry and ordination.
The Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) is made up of members from both Bethany & Salem Churches because we share one pastor on a “charge.”

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Barbara Browning Nancy Flynn JoEllen Wimbrow

Gregg Frostrom

Denise Walter, Chairperson