Salem United Methodist Church

Youth Group

Be a part of our vision :)  -  Make our community a better place to live
by learning about the ways Jesus made a difference + applying his ways to our own lives

The Praze Craze Youth Group provides an atmosphere of acceptance + learning
about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit!  Fun, Sercive, and Fellowship! 
New Experiences, care for each other, and dreams for the future.

Activites include powerful discussions about Jesus & the Bible, food, games,
prayer walks, ping-pong, pool, foosball, participation in the Annual Ocean City
Youth Rally, Beach & Amusement Park Trips, Fundraising, Service Projects,
Summer Mission Trips, games, and other Bible Study activities.

Praze Craze Youth Group Meetings are currently suspended until a new
Youth Minister and additional adult volunteers can be found.